We’re coming up to the one-year anniversary of our anthology, Falling into the Five Senses, arriving in the world. Yes, already! And to celebrate, we’ve got four, fabulous, free short stories to share with you throughout October!

Inspired by our anthology’s ‘five senses’ theme and the traditional, other-wordly spookiness of October, our freebie short stories are all themed around the ‘sixth sense’. My anthology co-authors, Maria Carvalho, Cedrix E. Clarke and Roger Jackson, and I are very excited to share with you the stories, which range from the spooky, to sweet, sly and stomach-plummeting!

We’re posting a story a week! Visit our blog to read them all!



PS. If you’re interested in the anthology proper, Falling into the Five Senses: An Anthology of Short Stories is available for sale here.

Falling into the Five Senses jpeg cover_final2

From the back blurb:

Stars moving out of their constellations, a chef with a tasty secret, a man who can foretell a person’s death by their scent, and a mysterious island lost at the end of the known world…

These are just some of the stories in this collection of imaginative tales about the five senses. Stretching across genres ranging from sci-fi to horror, lyrical to steampunk, this anthology will leave you with a taste for more!

Featuring the writing talents of Maria Carvalho, Cedrix E. Clarke, Reena Dobson and Roger Jackson, Falling into the Five Senses is a collection of five stories each, by four authors, from three continents, with two editors, which all adds up to one thrilling reading experience.