Falling into the Five Senses

Falling into the Five Senses jpeg cover_final2

This was the marketing tagline we went with:
Five stories each.
Four authors.
Three continents.
Two editors.
One anthology.

But there were other variations too, which worked just as well:
Five senses
Four authors
Three years
Two editors
One antho

Yes. This collaborative anthology project was three years in the making. Three whole years. Probably a bit longer, to be honest. That’s the same length of time it takes to write a doctoral thesis (apparently).

It took two years to write our stories, beta-read and work and re-work edits, and then the project lay fallow for many moons, while a certain project initiator went off to have a baby and change states and jobs and generally get all distracted. Then, after a few frantic weeks of pushing all the various elements around to get them to fall into place, the anthology launched into the world as an ebook on 31 October 2019 and as a print book on 25 November 2019.

I’ll blog some reflections about the many behind-the-scenes processes of self-publishing the anthology. A sort of Lessons Learnt mixed in with Remembering the Magic along the way.

And if you want to, feel free to grab a copy of the anthology on the way through 🙂

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