Welcome to Ree-Writes


Welcome to my Ree-Writes newsletter.

I’m aiming to follow the same basic structure for each monthly edition (at this stage, anyway):

  • a personal piece and update
  • some writing and writing/creativity links
  • sharing something I’ve created
  • a book or art piece I find inspiring
  • random links I find fascinating

I especially like the idea of sharing all these fascinating links that I’ve collected over the years, of finally collating and curating them into a home. Maybe I can finally close some of the dozens of tabs I’ve had permanently open across various devices.

Oh, and yes, sharing my creative work is a bonus too (she adds, as an afterthought!).

Enjoy! 😊

Writing & Creativity Cool Finds

Something I created

The Creator

The Creator sat before a large canvas of snow-white and began to draw the world into being.

Blue breath was exhaled gently into the sky, which unfurled itself eagerly into its new home, deepening and gladdening and softening and whispering – arching through into all the different tones of blue.

The Creator paused and then blew out white breath, which coiled and gathered into many clouds of white, pearl and grey, large and small. Some of the breath settled slowly to become mist, and explore the world below.

Two teardrops followed. They sank beneath the snow to become a little river, held fast in winter’s hold, thoughts of running, restless and eager beginning to stir in its centre.

A little smile of pleasure became a beam of sunlight to play through the mist and trip over the snow; to explore and kiss every inch of the world, over and over.

Steadfast hope was feathered onto the trees on the horizon, sturdy on the ground, green, patient, slow and enduring. Welcoming the sun’s touch and whispering secrets to the mist to carry to the sky.

And finally, a little drop from the heart, an inky-red, thrilling touch of passion and wonder. It dropped onto the chest of a bird crafted of sticks and snow; a messenger of fragility, strength and life.

The bird awoke; it sat up and sang, waking the snow world into being.

Backstory: I wrote ‘The Creator’ many years ago when I had a writing game called 200-Word Tuesdays, which I hosted via Twitter and a dedicated blog. Two themes each month to inspire 200-word stories which I posted on Tuesdays. I ran it for a year (2015, I think?) and then passed on the baton. I should have all my stories for that year somewhere, but it seemed a good time to share this one. The pic is new and freshly-made (by me) to accompany the story.

A Book I Love

I adore how the illustrations are woven into the story, and I wish there were more stories told like this. Where words and drawings are woven around each other.

I think this is intended as a children’s book. But my beautiful hardback copy makes it difficult for me to think of it as such. I’d love more storytelling for adults where illustrations and words fold into each other.

Randomly Interesting Wandersome Shares

Thank you

Du fond du coeur, thanks for reading x

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    1. Thanks Michael! When signing up, you’ll receive a confirmation email which you have to accept. Please check your junk/spam mail folder too


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