This issue comes to you from a fortnight of many unconnected things, but which interweave anyway to make the backdrop to my world. The things include:

Leaving my LittleOne alone with non-family caregivers for the first time ever – for a very short time, but the amount of bravery it required (from me!) was intense😁. Needless to say, LittleOne breezed through it💖

The remnants of something like my sixth cold in nine weeks.

A lovely full moon and many, many beautiful sunrise and sunset skies soaked in rose, gold, lilac and pineapples.

I hope my words find you well in your world, and I hope you enjoy this issue.

Writing & Creativity Cool Finds

Something I created

It rained

A Book or Piece of Art I Love

This is a painting by my mum, Rambha Dobson.

I’m its proud custodian, and it’s been in pride of place in my office for a while now. I really like the magic imbued in the moonlight and in the stillness of the water.

It whispers to all those places within ourselves which sometimes ache for serenity, soft mystery and other-worldlinesses. In those places where the words don’t dwell, but the moods and inspirations to find them, do 💙

Randomly Interesting Inspirations for Stories

Thank you

Du fond du coeur, thanks for reading x

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