New Chapter


This newsletter is very late this week – by several days. My main, big, huge, colossal reason is that my LittleOne started school this week. Hence the issue’s title of New Chapter! Things are: so far, so good!

I hope you’re enjoying a good start to the year, I hope my words find you well in your world, and I hope you enjoy this issue.

Writing and Creativity Finds

Something I created

A lighthearted way of walking

She had a lighthearted way of walking
Like a dragonfly flits over a sunspeckled stream
It was easy to see
The delicate stems of riverbank flowers nodding to her
Easy to notice
How the shadows of leaves and sun beneath
Glimmered and swayed and played
Beneath her feet.

Backstory: One of those moments where I was trying to be in the present, and to appreciate the tiny things that make life important and beautiful. No prizes for guessing the subject of this one 😉 Shared first on Twitter (I think).

A Book or Piece of Art I Love

The Universe by LittleOne

Occasionally, I can lure LittleOne into watching some art painting vids on YouTube. They are usually labelled as ‘easy for beginners’ to which I usually have to say ‘ha!’, but I nevertheless enjoy watching the edited versions of these paintings coming to life.

LittleOne specifically wanted to try the technique of loading a paintbrush with white paint and tapping it across another paintbrush above a dark setting to create scattered drops of white to look like stars.

The technique worked and I’m happy to report that LittleOne created beautiful star effects, but then immediately and gleefully blended said stars into the scene, so there could be another round paint-tapping star-making.

After several rounds of this, this was the end painting. With the note that I ran it through my photoshop app a few times to bring out the glitter in the paint, to make the white-paint stars look brighter, and to tweak the hues of colour at the edges.

LittleOne liked this photoshopped version the best. I adored it! So here you go!

Random Interests and Inspirations for Stories

Thank you

Du fond du coeur, thanks for reading x

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