The Giant in the Sky (Snapshot Stories 9)

The giant in the sky goes about his task painstakingly and tenderly.

He roams the sky, gathering many, many handfuls and armfuls of delicate drops of rain.

He pauses sometimes, to admire the way they sit in his hands – drops that are trembling and translucent, that capture echoes of the blue sky. Raindrops that could burst at any moment, even if the wind blows too strong.

The giant carefully pours the raindrops into the clouds. The drops tumble lightly, nestling snugly against one another, and gathering in their thousands. He fills one cloud at a time until it is full, until the clouds go from soft white to deep, thoughtful, pearl-grey in colour.

Sometimes, he carefully shakes out the clouds, re-arranging them to make interesting patterns. Sometimes, he leaves as they are. But he always makes sure they look just right.

Then the giant smiles, proud and happy.

Now he is finally ready.

Under the benevolent gazes of the sun, the moon and the stars, he slips into the clouds to sleep.

And fat drops of rain fall out onto the earth, far below.

Backstory: A tiny story that was one of the rare ones I wrote in a notebook first before I eventually shared it on Twitter.

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