The Bee and the Ocean Flower (Snapshot Stories 14)

The bee found an ocean-flower and gathered its pollen everyday.

Soon the honey had veins of aqua playfulness, turquoise stillness, storm grey suddenness and dark blue thoughtfulness. If you looked closely, you could also see shining speckled memories of salt.

People who tasted the honey cried at its exquisite taste. And it sold in ever smaller quantities for ever greater prices.

Backstory: This is a wee micro-fiction I originally shared on Twitter in 2020. I did the quick accompanying painting in my Autodesk sketchbook app a couple of days ago.

3 responses to “The Bee and the Ocean Flower (Snapshot Stories 14)”

  1. It is really fascinating how golden slightly yellow color reminds me of honey, but also of the sand. Also, it is nice that the speckles make me think of the small things which are of a higher price. The work and thought that you put into this art is very imaginative, and I love the story that makes it seem lifelike as if I could go and get some Ocean honey, if I wanted. I guess you could say the colors of this art work really caught my eye.

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  2. Thank you so very much for reading and for your lovely comment. I’m so glad you like both the story and art that went with it 🙏💓
    I did try very hard to find a shade of yellow that approximated a golden honey 😀 And I initially wanted the white speckles to be the salt of the ocean – but my attempt at drawing ‘veins’ of ocean colours in the honey ended up looking like a plant – so my salt speckles also looked like little blossoms. The ocean flower replicated itself in the honey – A happy accident! 😊

    Thank you again for reading!!

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  3. Oh no problem at all, they are both very beautiful. That is so nice that you took the time to think of every detail, which went in to making it. Regardless of “Happy accident” it made my day in a good way.

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