Paper Aeroplane (Snapshot Stories 17)

You stand on an emerald cliff under a charcoal sky.

The wind buffets at you spasmodically, as though half in warning and half curiously.

From your jacket pocket, you carefully pull out the paper with all its words left unsaid and with that rose-coloured love heart. It flutters eagerly in the wind like a fledgling bird stretching its wings.

You kneel into the long green grass and you fold the paper carefully into an aeroplane, taking your time and matching up the edges.

Then you step closer to the cliff edge, you throw the paper aeroplane onto the wind and you watch it soar.

A whisper of white flying jubilantly into a storm.

Backstory: this is a twitter microfic from 2020. I did the drawing in my phone’s Autodesk Sketchbook app, then played with it in photoshop express and back and forth between the two. I quite like how I managed to get the clouds looking realistically stormy. It only took some two dozen attempts!

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