The New Moon Woman At Sunset (Snapshot Stories 20)

The woman on the new moon is perched comfortably above the clouds of sparkling dusk rain.

It is nearly time.

She twirls her umbrella, currently the colour of sunset orange, and once again peers through the gap in the clouds.

She can see her reflection all shiny and clear, floating and beckoning all the way down on the glossy empty road below.

She nods and stands up. Does a tiny stretch on her tiptoes.

Then, holding the umbrella firmly with both hands, she takes a deep breath. There’s always that slightest little thought which wonders what will happen if – this time – the umbrella doesn’t transform into its sunset wings.

As always, she brushes the thought away like cobwebs to dissolve among the stars.

She takes another deep breath.

And jumps.

Backstory: This is a slightly bigger piece from a piece of twitter microfiction. I actually tried to use an AI image generator to generate the image for this story, but it was surprisingly difficult to get the AI tool to keep the umbrella orange. In the end, I doodle-drew this image in a scrapbook, took a photo and coloured it in my Autodesk Sketchbook app, and then finalised it in my Photoshop Express app. Believe it or not, I generated a lot of images to get to this final one!

3 responses to “The New Moon Woman At Sunset (Snapshot Stories 20)”

  1. Instantly reminds me of the Dreamworks SKG logo. My dad worked for Aardman Animations for about 15 years, and they were partnered with Dreamworks, so that image brings back a lot of good memories for me. Lost my dad to pancreatic cancer not that long ago. Still so proud of everything he accomplished. Sincerely, thanks for reminding me of the good times.

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    1. I didn’t think about similarities to existing crescent moon logos/designs – which I probably should have 😬 Regardless, I’m glad my drawing connected to you to good memories with your dad. Good memories give us everything 🙏 With best wishes


      1. Hey, relax. Firstly, I enjoyed the post. Secondly: there is nothing new under the sun. It’s not like my work’s never been compared to stuff that came before it. I reckon you don’t have to worry unless a Dreamworks send you a C&D 😛

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