Ree-Writes #21: Crisp


Welcome to issue #21 of my Ree-Writes newsletter. This is around the time in the Blue Mountains when the thermostat plunges from ha-ha-you-though-you-were-coping-with-autumn-bearably-cold to its relentless, permanently-goosebumped shroud of frigidity. Shoutout to those heading into – or out of – their winter wildnesses (or mildnesses, in my grateful case)!

I hope my words find you well in your world, and I hope you enjoy this issue.

Writing & Creativity Cool Finds

Something I created

Meeting the Dragons

caption for image

It was the boy’s second week at the Retreat in the Countryside that was Far Away From Anywhere Else.

The young boy awoke – as he had every morning since he had arrived – to the sound of incessant buzzes and giggles of the dragonflies.

The dragonflies were only going about their daily business in the bright flower-filled gardens. The boy wouldn’t have minded too much, but it was just that the dragonflies were being really, really loud. And they were waking him up really early. By contrast, the bees were much more polite.

The boy’s eyes brightened. Still. He was used to his custom-made body-brace now. He reached a sleepy hand and pushed off his bedcovers and snapped his fingers.

The magnetised hexagonal pieces obediently began slithering their way towards his body, in perfect sequence, in perfect order. They started as they always did, just below his belly button and they clipped themselves around his lower torso, all the way down his legs to his ankles and feet. Fast, efficient and in less time than it would take to roll a wheelchair from the door to his bed. Then the magnetic hexagons clipped their way carefully up his back to provide the necessary full support to his spine, chest, neck and shoulders.

And just like that, the boy was sitting up on the edge of his bed in his customised, braced walking suit in his favourite orange colour.

No more ringing helplessly for assistance – just so he could slowly scramble his way into the wheelchair – just so he could get to the bathroom.

It was glorious.

After just a week, the boy didn’t know how he’d ever managed without the suit.

Now, if he wanted to hop up and walk outside to have a chat to the dragonflies, he could.

So he did.

Backstory: The story is an expanded microfic from Twitter. The image was generated by AI image generative tool, DALLE-2, based on my prompt. As you can see, trying to include the boy in his futuristic metallic-orange body-brace suit was a touch too ambitious for my prompting abilities (and for the number of image-generation credits I had). I also attempted to clean up the image a bit in Autodesk Sketchbook and I did a bit of light photoshopping too. I put this image into Google image search to check if it was an obvious theft of an image; nothing similar came back. So I hope this is a legit, hybridised piece of AI digital art.

Randomly Interesting Inspirations for Stories

Thank you

Du fond du coeur, thanks for reading x

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