The Five Senses Anthology

Falling into the Five Senses

Falling into the Five Senses: An Anthology of Short Stories is the first in every way.

It was the first ever project for Ree-Imagined Worlds. It was also the first collaborative project, and the first online and global collaboration at that. I’ll always be very proud of it.

Quick back story: when I joined Twitter, I was lucky enough to discover writing and micro-fiction communities where entire stories get told within tiny tweets. These were places of creativity and generosity and a delightful distraction from real life. It was where I met my contributing authors, Maria, Cedrix and Roger. And it was where the anthology had its genesis.

What if? What if we did a collection of short stories themed around the five senses?

So we did.

What kinds of stories, you ask? Here’s the teaser:

Stars moving out of their constellations, a chef with a tasty secret, a man who can foretell a person’s death by their scent, and a mysterious island lost at the end of the known world…

These are just some of the stories in this collection of imaginative tales about the five senses. Stretching across genres ranging from sci-fi to horror, lyrical to steampunk, this anthology will leave you with a taste for more!

Featuring the writing talents of Maria Carvalho, Cedrix E. Clarke, Reena Dobson and Roger Jackson, Falling into the Five Senses is a collection of five stories each, by four authors, from three continents, with two editors, which all adds up to one thrilling reading experience.

If you want to grab a copy, click here 😊

The authors

I met all the contributing authors on Twitter. Maria Carvalho, Cedrix E. Clarke and Roger Jackson are all skilled writers that I quickly learned to look up to and admire. They contributed their writing talents, creative generosity, endless good humour and patience to make the anthology possible.

A huge, extra shout-out to Maria in particular, who was also the co-editor, co-copyeditor and chief proofreader of the manuscript, and chief push-project-uphill-er, who made the whole anthology actually come to life. The final book is a thing of beauty thanks primarily to her skilled eyes, her deft diplomacy and her indefatigable zest for words.

Here’s a bit more about each of them:

Maria Carvalho is a multigenre author whose love of words is as fervent as her disdain for math. Her 2013 children’s book Hamster in Space! was lauded by Kirkus Indie Reviews for its “sharp understanding of kids’ wacky sense of humor” and continues to be a best-seller. Maria’s short stories have appeared in a wide array of collections and magazines, including Under the Full Moon’s Light and Cabinet of Curiosities (both published by Owl Hollow Press) and Enchanted Conversation magazine. Her published non-fiction includes a feature in the popular travel guide Connecticut 169 Club (North Country Books).She lives in Connecticut with her husband, their son, and a pampered pet fish.

Find Maria on: Amazon | FB | Goodreads | Twitter


Cedrix E. Clarke is the author of Lucinda’s Ghost, a children’s novel published in the summer of 2019. He has published stories in DeathrealmSmokelong Quarterly, and Chicago Literati. Cedrix has a professional day job in a small Kentucky town and writes at night and on weekends. Besides being a word wrangler and a personal servant to his family’s cats, Cedrix has dedicated his life to making his home spider-free.

Find Cedrix on: Twitter | his website | in real life: if you can find him.


Roger Jackson lives in England, existing mainly on a diet of energy drinks and questionable Horror movies. Many tales have crawled from the graveyard of his brain, including stories in Equilibrium Overturned from Grey Matter Press, The Flashes of Darkness e-book from Dark Chapter Press and the Manifest Reality anthology from Hair Brained Press, and his novella, Cradle of the Dead, published by Bloodbound Books. Third Person bios like this always make him feel like he’s writing his own obituary.

Find Roger on: Amazon | Twitter | Instagram | His blog



Obligatory-but-attempting-to-be-unobtrusive-final-reminder to click here for your very own copy of our anthology!

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