I’m writing this at 4.30am on Friday, 16 September 2022, the day this newsletter will go out into the world. My LittleOne woke me just before 4am with a demand to go to the lounge room. By the time I had heaved myself up and staggered in pursuit, LittleOne was sound asleep on the couch.

So here I sit, wrapped in a blanket, with a cup of unsweetened tea. The darkness is lit up by my screen and by the gentler orange glow of a salt crystal lamp.

We’ve had several bursts of heavy rain, three flashes of lightning, and some low, long, mostly-soft rumbles of thunder which have awoken my Indi-dog. Indi is now sitting restlessly next to me, her triangular ears tilted at their unhappy-at-storms angle, asking for head cuddles and reassurance.

Every time the rain stills, the birds start to call defiantly to the dawn – in chirps, soft whistles, coos and calls, and in the irrepressibly exultant laughs of the kookaburras. I hope the dawn hears them and replies soon.

I hope my words find you well in your world, and I hope you enjoy this issue.

Writing & Creativity Cool Finds

Something I created

Life line

A Book or Piece of Art I Love

The key takeaway is: Like the title says, if you’re an aspiring creative, share your work. Put it out there into the world and then make more.

Randomly Interesting Inspirations for Stories

Thank you

Du fond du coeur, thanks for reading x

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