Welcome to Ree-Writes #10

For the first time ever, I’m a day late with the newsletter. While the world hasn’t stopped turning, I hope this won’t be a new habit. We’ve been chugging through another round of sickness from LittleOne (now much better thank goodness), and I’m not sure whether the rest of us are still getting over the previous bug, or if we’re all starting a new round. Hopefully the latter!

But in the meantime, the sun has been shining and the race slide towards the end of the year feels like it’s started – whether I’m ready for it or not.

Make sure you browse all the way to the end to find out about our lost ‘seventh sense’!

I hope my words find you well in your world, and I hope you enjoy this issue.

Writing & Creativity Cool Finds

Something I created

The Cloud Gods

The traders speak reverently of the saris most prized on the Fabric Trading Route. They are woven in a remote village high in the Mountains surrounded by empty plains of sand, scrub, black pebbles and snow.

The saris are in very high demand. They are beautifully, expertly entwined in bright, earth-song colours. Some are delicate and gauze-like, others flow like water, and others still are strong and warming. But even among the village’s exquisite fabrics, there are ones to be prized above all: those which have a special silvery hue – a silver sheen which is bewitching, which begs to be touched, caressed, embraced.

When the villagers are asked how they create the silvery effect, and whether they can make much more of it, their answer remains the same. They smile, shrug, looked obliging and vague, and say, quite cheerfully, “it depends if the cloud gods decide to bless us”.

The traders have never been able to get a more satisfactory answer. Neither have their spies.

When the saris are finished, they are each laid out to receive the overnight benediction from the cold winds of the east, which bring with them the grey skies down from the heavens.

When the saris are collected the next day, some have been kissed by silver; others have not.

Backstory: This was originally a story I wrote for my 200-word Tuesday blog, where I chose two monthly themes and tried to write at least one 200-word story each week. It worked, you know. I passed the baton on after a year and it went on to survive for another couple of years, before retiring to the great big blog library in the sky. I thought I saved all the stories from my first hosting year, and I really hope I did. One of those pending projects.

A Book or Piece of Art I Love


Romantic and moody


A moment in time

And heart-touching

I feel that our spirits can only be brighter after seeing his work. Merci, Pascal.

Randomly Interesting Inspirations for Stories

Thank you

Du fond du coeur, thanks for reading x

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