The Pirates and the Moonbow Ship (Snapshot Stories 2)

The Pirates had chosen a rather cloudy dusk to launch their new moonbow ship into the sky.

Because, as everyone knows, dusk is the most auspicious time to launch moonbow ships. Clouds are not quite as welcome, but the experts are still divided as to whether they are wholly unwelcome.

There were mutterings among the crew, of course, but they were rather prone to pre-flight grumbles anyway. Even when conditions were perfect.

The two ship kookaburras perched on their rigging, and stretched their wings. One started to laugh, then the other. Then they both threw their heads up and laughed gleefully into the sky, stirring the winds of anticipation further.

Once the moonbow ship was up in the air, sailing through the surprisingly dazzling colours in the clouds and feeling the last of the sunlight kissing their faces, even the most pessimistic of the crew was quickly as happy as could be, merrily singing free.

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