Ree-Writes #23: Spinning


This issue is a week late. I hope you haven’t been weeping forlornly into your inbox over its absence. But in case you were wondering, we’ve had a run of seasonal colds (LittleOne and me), plus work and extra deadlines (me), plus an overnight stay away from home for work (me, but affecting the whole family because it was my first night away since LittleOne arrived).

Here’s a photo montage of my past couple of weeks:

L – R clockwise, we have:

  • There were gorgeous kangaroos at the Overnight For Work place.
  • I drew a yellow and pink fish. LittleOne came along and carefully traced over the pink with black stripes, added legs and an aura of yellow petals to make a very groovy lil guy.
  • The early morning view from my balcony (yes, I had a balcony!) at the Overnight For Work Place.
  • The frangipanis are falling fast now, on the eve of the Brisbane winter. It’s sad to say goodbye.
  • There was water at the Overnight For Work Place and there were yachts. Lots of them.
  • I got into trouble with LittleOne (for something I can’t remember) so I drew a duck on a post-it note. Then LittleOne wanted to draw a duck too. And all was well with the world again.
  • I had to use up LittleOne’s leftover paint and managed to get a blob to look like a beautiful sparkly bird. I really like it, so if you think it looks like a blob, don’t tell me!

Here’s the rest of the issue: I hope you enjoy, and I hope my words find you well in your world.

Writing & Creativity Cool Finds

Something I created

The Jeweller

The jeweller in the sky wraps himself in his favourite coat of darkest indigo silk.

He is preparing to scatter his gems across the night, just like he does every time the sun retreats.

With infinite patience and care, he rolls great handfuls of stones to shine free between the stars.

Then he pauses. And hold some gems in his palms.

He considers them closely. They are the colour of life and secrets and they whisper answers to unknown mysteries.

Without warning – casually, carelessly, cruelly – the Jeweller threads these gems into opulent dreams and discards them to the earth below.

He could watch where they fall and how they colour the dreams they land in. Sometimes he does.

But not tonight.

I Love!

Driving Around by artist and illustrator Francisco Fonseca

Random, Interesting, Inspirational

Thank you

Du fond du coeur, thanks for reading x

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